The Making of... Here you can find out how and why Greedy was made. The story for The Greedy Fish was first drafted around 2008. Now he is in print! 2000 copies of the book were funded in August 2014 through my project, and almost every copy was given to childrenís hospitals, charities, schools & libraries throughout the UK (and around the World). One went to my daughter Heidi of course!

The 2nd Edition with glossy cover, lots of illustration updates, and Greedyís Quiz page will be published on the 4th April 2015. I am doing lotís of school readings to encourage childrenís literacy and give some kids that really deserve it a smile. If you have an event or know a school that would like a book reading please email   

You can buy the new 2nd Edition of the book here on the website, and is available in book shops. See to read over 50 five star reviews (and please keep them coming!). Watch this website, follow the Greedy Fish on Facebook or Twitter at the bottom of this page for updates! I also have a successful crowdfunding blog

The original idea for the story was to make the characters from socks, materials and bits and bobs. I was then going to photograph the characters in front of the seabed background to give it a 'diorama' appearance.

Greedy Fish was made from a sock with buttons for eyes - the same pair of socks used for the 'Sock Fishes' seen throughout the story today (see the Characters page).†The Octopus Judge was made with a pink rubber glove!

The background set for the story is a canvas painted in water colour, cut into squares and then pasted onto another A3 size canvas. The sand that you see at the bottom of the
pages is real sand from Essex beaches, sprinkled onto the canvas that was first of all covered with glue.

I had done lots of photography and photo-editing in the past, but it was not until I
purchased a Wacom graphics tablet in March 2013 and played around with it a little that I decided I could actually create the book for my daughter Heidi.

I set Heidi's 1st birthday in August 2013 as my deadline for completion, and worked on the book whenever I had a chance, normally 3 or 4 evenings each week, after work, and after dinner, bath and bedtime for Heidi!†

I estimate I have spent the equivalent of about 30 full days making the book and this website over approximately 5 months. I learnt all I could about using graphics tablets and illustration mainly from YouTube videos. There are loads of tutorials available there for free where anyone can learn all the techniques I had to.

Most of the characters, buildings and objects you see in the book were drawn on a post-it note or scrap of paper with an average run-of-the-mill blue biro! They were scanned into my computer, the ink 'separated' from the paper using photo editing software, and then coloured in behind the ink.

Some characters like Lobster have movable parts - in Lobsters case all of his arms/legs are movable. Others needed changing by 'pasting' new parts or expressions onto the computer image.

Once all the characters and items where ready, they had to be arranged in each scene so they related to the text for each page. The text for the whole book was edited and changed more than 20 times as time went on!

All the items and characters on each page can be moved individually, resized, shadows added and placed in front of or behind each other if needed.